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New Wireless Charging Inventions, see our new designs at our HKTDC show April 13-16 2024

Working with Big Brand Collaboration

Working with big brands to create new products suitable for the phone accessories market, technologies used in new and meaningful ways!

Connecting all Android & Iphone under one global standard ecosystem enhanced magnetic accessories and more!

Most advance magnetic strength Standard products are coming soon.

Most adavnce magnetic standard and product commercialisation came after years of development with some of the leading manufacturers globally inventing and developing new magnetic charging Technologies.

Energy efficiency is defined as using less energy to provide the same product or service, such as lighting, heating and transportation. Together with the move to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency is considered to be one of the twin pillars of sustainable energy policy.

Android & Apple devices can use the exact same wireless charging ecosystem.

A kind of tech direction manufacturers will follow as they react to European demands that electronic devices should ship with USB chargers.

Most advanced magnetic version best supports fastest charging and higher wattage safetly.

New devices will most support maximumly reduce the amount of eWaste generated by charging cables and broken chargers.

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